Sunday, December 20, 2009

wow eight months later i decide to post again! lmao well here you go...

Alice floated over to us, she frowned at me. Edward glanced at her.
"The wolf imprinted with her." he explained. She sighed and went to talk to Lucy.
"I think I'm going to go talk to Jacob." I said then ran towards were I last saw him. Jacob wasn't there, instead there was another boy.
"Hey Caroline, my names Seth. Jake can't come see you anymore. Sam is mad at him and stuff. it will be easier for Jake if you stay away, sorry." Seth said then ran off. I was tempted to follow him but I heard a howl in the distance and sighed. I ran back towards the Cullen's but even before I could see the house I was bombarded by Lucy's confusing thoughts. When I came in to view her thoughts stopped for a second then I was literally attacked, like she tackled me.
"Guess what!" She said. Before I could say anything she thought rather loudly. "I'M JOINING THE CULLENS!"
"Wow." I said my head spinning.
"I know!" Jasper is like "so awesome! And I" really don't mind "hunting animals" and jasper is "They don't taste that bad." so nice and I love "The predators" his hair. "taste better then the vegetarians." I was so confused then something hit me, Lucy wasn't going to be with me anymore. She was so caught up her own thoughts she didn't hear mine. "And like Alice is so awesome-"
"Your leaving me?" I asked interrupting her. She froze.
"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to just abandon you."
"Its fine." I muttered. Then jasper walked over to us.
"I cam over because you were giving Edward a headache, he wanted me to calm you down." Jasper said then turned to me. "You are welcome to join our family also." he offered.
"Thanks but I need to figure this Jacob thing out first. You guys aren't allowed on the their land." I said.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

la te da!

Okay i know i have been neglecting the blog and haven't put anything up so here is some more.

Lucy seemed really interested in the method of hunting. But her thirsty thoughts were making me really thirsty. Since me and Lucy have been travelling with each other for so long Lucy tended to always share her thoughts with me. Her mind reading on the other hand she had to concentrate to use and Lucy usually took some time to remember to read my thoughts. That would be interesting don't you think?! She thought excitedly. mmhm. I mumbled the thought. I wonder if i could read animals minds... Her thoughts raced off and I sighed. LUCY. I thought loudly. huh what? She took the time to read my thoughts and understood. Do you want to leave? She asked. Yes. I thought.

"Carlisle, I think we should let them hunt." Edward said. He can read minds too. Lucy informed me.

"Edward, do you mind leading them far enough away to hunt?" Calisle asked. Edward nodded. As we ran Lucy and Edward were absorbed in there conversation. I got bits and pieces from Lucy's stray thoughts. She was going to try hunting animals. Edward led me to a safe spot then led Lucy farther away.When I got back to the house, Lucy was laughing with Jasper. I smiled at her then went off to find the leader, Carlisle. Edward said Carlsile probably wont know anything about imprinting but Edward does. Lucy thought. Then there was an echo of a thought. Lucy do you mind showing Caroline my thoughts? Edward asked. Nope, Lucy thought. Where are you?I asked. About twenty miles south. He thought then showed me what the surroundings looked like. Oh okay. So um... I couldn't figure out how to phrase the question. You want to know about the pack? He asked. Yeah I do um...I trailed off. I'll start with the treaty we have. Edward thought. The pack fears us, even though we have explained that we don't hunt humans, so they made a treaty with us. There will be peace between each other as long as we don't trespass on each others land and my family isn't allowed to bite or change a human. He paused. Now imprinting...I don't quite understand it. It is like love but stronger. If he imprinted on you I don't think the pack will hurt you. But i have never heard of a wolf imprinting on one of us before. We are there enemy, I would be careful around the pack, they may not hurt you but that doesn't meen they are happy with what happened. Edward finished thinking just when he arived in the yard.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

and a little bit more


I really shouldn't of raced him now he knew what I was. Lucy was going to kill me!
"Yes, I am but how...?"
"How do I know? Well it wasn't our race if you were wondering. I could smell you the second you came in the town. I am a were wolf, and you, being a vampire, are supposed to be my enemy." he sighed.
"Than why aren't you attacking me?" I asked.
"I imprinted on you..." he muttered.
"You what?" I asked. Before he could answer Lucy ran past us.
"Caroline!" she screamed. There was a pack of six wolfs chasing her. I stood up to help her but Jacob grabbed my hand.
"Caroline, go to the Cullen's, the vampire coven near Forks. they will help you." Jacob said than ran off. I chased after Lucy, by the time I caught up the wolfs broke away. When they were out of sight Lucy thought. Who was that? I sighed. His name is Jacob. he is one of those wolfs but he didn't hurt me... I thought. Lucy took a second to read my mind then she was on the same page as me.
"He likes you." she teased. I rolled my eyes but agreed in my head. "And you like him!" She said reading my thoughts.
"Do not! Come on lets get to the Cullen's." Lucy nodded and followed me. As we were running a tall blond vampire and a burly dark haired one ran beside us. The burly one winked at me and the blond smiled at Lucy. She giggled a bit. They led us to a house in the middle of a meadow for a lawn. An older blond Vampire walked over to us.
"Hello, my name is Carlisle, this is my wife Esme." Esme came and stood next to him. "Your escorts are Jasper" the blond one, "and Emmett." the burly one winked again. "This is Emmett's mate, Natalie. And this is Edward and Alice." the last couple. "We keep a permanent residence here. So if you can restrain from hunting in this aria it would be appreciated." Carlsile said. I noticed there golden eyes.
"How do you interact with the humans?" Lucy asked, reading there minds. I elbowed her, she was kinda being rude.
"We do not hunt humans. We survive off of animal blood." Carlisle said.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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I passed a boy that made the horrible smell worse. I scrunched up my nose and walked faster.
"Hay are you looking for something?" he asked, following me.
"I don't need help." I said. I glanced around there wasn't many buildings around so I stopped and turned to look at him. He was tall and I couldn't see his eyes from under the brim of my hat. but I could see his nose was scrunched up too.
"You have been wandering around for some time now." He tilted up the brim of my hat and I looked down. My eyes were still red and I doubted any human no matter how brave or how stinky would be okay seeing that. "My names Jacob, and yours?"
"Caroline," I said still looking down, "Well if you are going to be helpful, can you show me where I can buy some shirts? I am a backpacker and the ones I have are getting old."
"The only clothing stores are in Forks or port Angeles. I could drive you there if you want." he offered. but there was something wrong about the way he said it.
"I prefer to walk." I said turning away.
"Well I could walk with you." he said.
"Sure if you can keep up." I said than started walking a bit to fast than a human would. Jacob kept up easily. When I glanced at him he was staring at me, then he stopped.
"How could this happen?" He muttered to himself so low I wasn't supposed to hear. I looked away thinking he was talking about my eyes. He stepped so he could see my face. then he stepped back. "So are we going to Forks?" he asked.
"Um yeah..." I muttered then started walking again. When we got to the forest I paused. "Do you mind running?" I asked.
"I bet I could out run you." he said grinning.
"Okay then lets see." I said then started running. at first i was running kinda slow, but fast for a human, and Jacob was keeping speed. I glanced at him, he was still grinning. So I sped up, he stayed right next to me. Soon we were flying throughout the forest. Racing each other, taking wild turns to throw each other off. One time Jacob turned i tripped him, but he fell on top of me. He was surprisingly heavy and we landed on the ground. Jacob started laughing. His laugh was infectious and I started laughing too.
"So...your a vampire." he said I froze.

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okay teresa here is what i have done already!

Chapter 1 The Imprinting
I stopped in front of the sign for the town of Forks. My friend and fellow nomad vampire Lucy heard of a strange coven of vampires living near Forks. I didn't like the thought of hunting on another vampires land.
"How about we go towards the shore." I suggested. Lucy nodded and we took off. Suddenly a horrible smell hit them. I scrunched up her noes but continued to follow Lucy, who didn't seem to notice.
"Hay Caroline we are approaching a town. how about you go grab a few new shirts." Lucy said. I had recently hunted well Lucy had not. I strolled into town after putting on the shoes I stored in my bag. Usually a few brave humans would ask questions when I didn't wear shoes. I was having a hard time resisting my thirst as I walked through the town. And I couldn't seem to find a clothing store of any kind.

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