Sunday, December 20, 2009

wow eight months later i decide to post again! lmao well here you go...

Alice floated over to us, she frowned at me. Edward glanced at her.
"The wolf imprinted with her." he explained. She sighed and went to talk to Lucy.
"I think I'm going to go talk to Jacob." I said then ran towards were I last saw him. Jacob wasn't there, instead there was another boy.
"Hey Caroline, my names Seth. Jake can't come see you anymore. Sam is mad at him and stuff. it will be easier for Jake if you stay away, sorry." Seth said then ran off. I was tempted to follow him but I heard a howl in the distance and sighed. I ran back towards the Cullen's but even before I could see the house I was bombarded by Lucy's confusing thoughts. When I came in to view her thoughts stopped for a second then I was literally attacked, like she tackled me.
"Guess what!" She said. Before I could say anything she thought rather loudly. "I'M JOINING THE CULLENS!"
"Wow." I said my head spinning.
"I know!" Jasper is like "so awesome! And I" really don't mind "hunting animals" and jasper is "They don't taste that bad." so nice and I love "The predators" his hair. "taste better then the vegetarians." I was so confused then something hit me, Lucy wasn't going to be with me anymore. She was so caught up her own thoughts she didn't hear mine. "And like Alice is so awesome-"
"Your leaving me?" I asked interrupting her. She froze.
"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to just abandon you."
"Its fine." I muttered. Then jasper walked over to us.
"I cam over because you were giving Edward a headache, he wanted me to calm you down." Jasper said then turned to me. "You are welcome to join our family also." he offered.
"Thanks but I need to figure this Jacob thing out first. You guys aren't allowed on the their land." I said.

okay thats all i have for now but i'm going to write more tonight :)